Runaway – A Timeslips story by care home residents

Last year I became a Certified TimeSlips Facilitator, meaning I am qualified to lead sessions using the TimeSlips method of storytelling, which has been specially created for people with dementia. The technique involves using images to spark imagination and creativity, with participants answering questions about what they want to say is happening in the picture to create a story.

Here is a story I created with five residents in a care home using the TimeSlips method …

Image bike


Her name is Maggie. Maggie May. She’s 18 years old.

She’s on a motorbike. She’s selling her wares.

She’s at Lime Street station. It’s 1958, in the spring.

Maggie is looking at a motorist over her shoulder. She’s feeling miserable. The motorist could cut her up on the road.

She works in the picture house. She likes it there but she wants to go to Canada to live.

Maggie lives in Speke, or maybe Broadway.

She lives with her mum and dad and three brothers and sisters – Raymond, Angela and Brenda.

She’s going to the airport to get a flight to Canada. She has four or five friends there.

She’s going to Canada to get away from the police. She’s broken the law for selling her wares too cheaply.

Maggie can hear sirens from the police who are after her.

Her friend meets her at the airport and a plane comes and takes her away.


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