About me

Hello! My name’s Hannah and I am a Creative Writing Facilitator and published writer with a BA Hons Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

I am currently the only TimeSlips Certified Facilitator in Merseyside, so am qualified to facilitate sessions using this creative storytelling technique which is specially designed for people with dementia.

Here is some of the other training I have completed …

  • House of Memories Dementia Awareness Training Programme
  • Arts and Dementia Masterclass by Collective Encounters
  • Training session by The Storybox Project, who deliver creative sessions incorporating music, drama and storytelling
  • Level 2 ABC Award in Counselling Skills
  • Poetry and Dementia course, taught by John Killick and Karen Hayes at Ty Newydd Writing Centre
  • Teaching Creative Writing course at The Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University

Why Write Here Write Now?

After working for four years as a journalist, writing for various print and online publications, I decided to embark on a (slightly terrifying but exciting) career change and follow my passion to work with older people; an idea I had toyed with for a long time, having volunteered for several years as a Befriender for Age UK.

In April 2016, I started work as an Activities Coordinator in a care home, while continuing to write on a freelance basis and work on my novel. While there, I started researching creative writing activities for people with dementia, to see if it was a valid activity I could introduce into the care home.

Not only did I find out it was a perfectly valid activity for people with dementia, I also discovered there were a huge amount of benefits of doing creative writing for older people and those with dementia! (Read more about them here).

Excited by all I had read, I completed my TimeSlips training, armed myself with ideas, and set about facilitating some creative writing sessions in the care home where I was working.

The results have been incredible, not only in terms of the creative, touching and humorous stories and poems that have come out of the sessions, but also the enjoyment the residents have got out of the sessions and the pleasure and pride they have experienced in creating something new and unique that others can read, enjoy and admire.

Inspired by these results, the idea for Write Here Write Now was born. You can read more about that here!

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