Creative workshops

What does a session involve?

WHWN sessions are a combination of games, creative writing and sensory activities, including music, art and the use of props.

The creative writing element may include poetry, TimeSlips storytelling, therapeutic writing or other methods of story telling or creative writing, depending on the needs, abilities and interests of the group or individual.

Sessions can also be based a particular theme, such as Christmas, summer holidays or winter.

At the end of each session, participants will be given a read through of their work, and will be able to keep a copy of their writing.

I can offer both group or one-to-one sessions depending on the needs of the participant and what is preferred.

Who are sessions suitable for?

Everyone! I work with people in all stages of dementia, and have also worked with people with some hearing or sight loss, and those with limited speech.

Participants do not need to be able to write, as I can transcribe their words for them. They also do need any prior knowledge, experience or skills in creative writing!
Where will sessions take place?

Wherever you like! I can do sessions in care homes, day centres, memory cafes, individual’s homes, or wherever else you can think of (within reason! 😄)
How much are they?

Sessions normally last an hour, and will cost £35.

You can also book a block of five sessions at the reduced rate of £150, or a block of ten sessions for £280. This included a booklet of all work produced and a certificate at the end, if desired.
Can I see some examples?

Of course! Please click here to see some examples of the poetry and short stories I have helped older people and those with dementia to create.

Or please click here to get in touch with any questions or to arrange a session.