Here are some group poems written by residents in a care home in Liverpool …


Childhood memories

I used to do all the dangerous things.
I swam in the Caribbean Sea in Barbados
and the weather was always tropical
because we didn’t have any winters –
we didn’t need all these jackets and scarves.
My favourite thing was playing with the children,
lots of silly games.
We got sent to Sunday School by my dad
and we would always sing songs.
I had a pet tiger called Lucy
who I took from Chester Zoo.
We had a dog and cat and lived in a nice house,
it was big and had a front sitting room with pink walls.
We had a parlour –
it could have been white, yellow or green, I wouldn’t know.
My mum and dad played the piano
and my dad would play all the Irish songs.
He was a big man – 6 foot 2;
I don’t know how I got so small –
I was the bit that got away.
When I was about five my father died
and he was buried in Anfield –
and I’m an Evertonian.
We moved house because the council were knocking ours down.
We moved to opposite the fish and chip shop –
it was supposed to be the best fish and chip shop in the world
and I think it was.
We stood on seven steps
and we never had to wait.


In Blackpool

You can see seashells and water
and smell fish and chips and a cup of tea.
The fresh air is good
and the smell of the sea –
it’s a lovely smell.
I’d love to be able to swim,
I can only think of the bottom.
I’ve been with my mum and dad
and the little ones before they were big.
We built sandcastles in the sand
and the wind was warm.
The ocean looked nice
it was white.

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