TimeSlips stories

Here are some group stories written by residents in a care home in Liverpool …


Her name is Maggie. Maggie May. She’s 18 years old.
She’s on a motorbike. She’s selling her wares.
She’s at Lime Street station. It’s 1958, in the spring.
Maggie is looking at a motorist over her shoulder. She’s feeling miserable. The motorist could cut her up on the road.
She works in the picture house. She likes it there but she wants to go to Canada to live.
Maggie lives in Speke, or maybe Broadway.
She lives with her mum and dad and three brothers and sisters – Raymond, Angela and Brenda.
She’s going to the airport to get a flight to Canada. She has four or five friends there.
She’s going to Canada to get away from the police. She’s broken the law for selling her wares too cheaply.
Maggie can hear sirens from the police who are after her.
Her friend meets her at the airport and a plane comes and takes her away.


Photo by Beatrice Murch, Timeslips dog in cape

The Noisy Care Home

The dog is being superman.
He’s called Rover.
He belongs to a care home on Broadway. The children bought him for the care home.
He’s wearing the cape to keep him warm.
The people in the care home are talking to everyone.
He’s doing his business on the carpet. He’ll be in trouble when they find out.
There’s too much noise.
Rover’s thinking he’d like to go for a walk or fly away.
After this he goes for a walk.
He flies to the moon, like Frank Sinatra.


Photo by George Eastman House, TimeSlips boys on beach


Happy days

They’re going to box each other.
They’re in Africa on a safari, or it could be Spain or Weymouth. It’s a beautiful place.
It’s half past 8. It’s February 1956.
They’re feeling good but they’re getting annoyed with one another about ice cream, as one’s getting more than the other.
They’re brothers. They’re as old as the tongue but a bit younger than the teeth.
They’re four years old. The boys are roughians but they grow up to be policemen.
They’re with their family. They’ve got two brothers, who are slightly older, and an auntie and uncle. They’re with Peter and his nephew.
They’re called Robert and Tony.
Their families are wondering who’s going to get the first dig in.
They have a fight but no one wins.
They can hear the rain and it feels hot and sweaty.
There’s bloody noses everywhere, but at the end they kiss and make up.


Here is a story that was produced during a one-to-one session with a resident …

Photo by George Eastman House, TimeSlips woman dancing


Scouser Abroad

Her name is Colette.
She is in a town near Paris. It is July 14th 1951. It’s warm outside.
She is making a show of herself. She is dancing because the music is playing Country and Western.
She feels happy enough. She has gone to dance because it’s Bastille Day.
Colette is from Liverpool. She used to look after the kids in the playground and serve them dinner.
She did it for years until she retired.
She is now in her late 40s or early 50s.
She is in control.
She’s got three children – one of each.
She has gone to dance with the other women from the Bingo.
They’ve saved up their winnings so they can go without their husbands knowing.
The band is coming to the end of what they’re playing.
She’ll be going to the bar when she finishes dancing, if her husband is with her.


Featured image (top of page) by George Eastman House

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